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Paper No. Article Title First Author Vol No./ Issue No.
11436 Seasonal dynamics of water and nutrient fluxes in an agricultural peatland
C. D. Kennedy
Vol 32 (No. 6 To 6)
11439 Near-surface hydraulic conductivity of northern hemisphere glaciers
I. T. Stevens
Vol 32 (No. 7 To 7)
11441 Regional variation of recession flow power-law exponent
S. Patnaik
Vol 32 (No. 7 To 7)
11443 The roles of channels and hillslopes in rainfall/run-off lag times during intense storms in a steep catchment
Y. Asano
Vol 32 (No. 6 To 6)
11449 Understanding the water balance paradox in the Athabasca River Basin, Canada
H.-T. Hwang
Vol 32 (No. 6 To 6)
11450 Viscosity — The weak link between Darcy's law and Richards' capillary flow
P. F. Germann
Vol 32 (No. 9 To 9)
11451 Drip irrigation enhances shallow groundwater contribution to crop water consumption in an arid area
X. Wang
Vol 32 (No. 6 To 6)
11453 Improving a distributed hydrological model using evapotranspiration-related boundary conditions as additional constraints in a data-scarce river basin
F. J. Wambura
Vol 32 (No. 6 To 6)
11454 Integrating process-based flow and temperature models to assess riparian forests and temperature amelioration in salmon streams
L. Fabris
Vol 32 (No. 6 To 6)
11455 Effects of rock fragment cover on hydrological processes under rainfall simulation in a semi-arid region of China
L. Xia
Vol 32 (No. 6 To 6)
11456 Determination of groundwater discharge rates and water residence time of groundwater-fed lakes by stable isotopes of water (18O, 2H) and radon (222Rn) mass balances
E. Petermann
Vol 32 (No. 6 To 6)
11457 A graphical approach for documenting peatland hydrodiversity and orienting land management strategies
E. Rosa
Vol 32 (No. 7 To 7)
11458 Incorporating spatially heterogeneous infiltration capacity into hydrologic models with applications for simulating post-wildfire debris flow initiation
L. A. McGuire
Vol 32 (No. 9 To 9)
11459 Intercomparison of snow water equivalent observations in the Northern Great Plains
S. E. Tuttle
Vol 32 (No. 6 To 6)
11460 Can climate variability information constrain a hydrological model for an ungauged Costa Rican catchment?
B. Quesada-Montano
Vol 32 (No. 6 To 6)

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Hydrological Processes
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John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
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