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Paper No. Article Title First Author Vol No./ Issue No.
11513 Recent changes in the sediment regime of the Pearl River (South China): Causes and implications for the Pearl River Delta
F. Liu
Vol 32 (No. 12 To 12)
11518 Streambed restoration to remove fine sediment alters reach-scale transient storage in a low-gradient fifth-order river, Indiana, USA
A. S. Ward
Vol 32 (No. 12 To 12)
11621 Evaluation of remote sensing-based evapotranspiration estimates using a water transfer numerical simulation under different vegetation conditions in an arid area
J. Lian
Vol 32 (No. 12 To 12)
11626 Prediction of vegetation anomalies over an inland river basin in north-western China
J. Fu
Vol 32 (No. 12 To 12)
11627 Quantification of the seasonal hillslope water storage that does not drive streamflow
D. N. Dralle
Vol 32 (No. 13 To 13)
11628 Spatio-temporal tracer variability in the glacier melt end-member — How does it affect hydrograph separation results?
J. Schmieder
Vol 32 (No. 12 To 12)
11629 Analysis of nonstationarity in low flow in the Loess Plateau of China
K.-x. Yu
Vol 32 (No. 12 To 12)
13124 Influence of climate on alpine stream chemistry and water sources
S. S. Foks
Vol 32 (No. 13 To 13)
13125 Numerical studies on the influences of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project on groundwater level changes in the Beijing Plain, China
M. Zhang
Vol 32 (No. 12 To 12)
13126 Seasonal evaporation cycle in oxbow lakes formed along the Tisza River in Hungary for flood control
B. Babka
Vol 32 (No. 13 To 13)
13127 Data assimilation in groundwater modelling: Ensemble Kalman filter versus ensemble smoothers
L. Li
Vol 32 (No. 13 To 13)
13128 Hydroclimatic significance of stable isotopes in precipitation from glaciers of Garhwal Himalaya, Upper Ganga Basin (UGB), India
A. Verma
Vol 32 (No. 12 To 12)
13129 Comparison of five snow water equivalent estimation methods across categories
H. Yao
Vol 32 (No. 12 To 12)
13130 Land cover controls on depression-focused recharge on the Oak Ridges Moraine, southern Ontario, Canada
W. J. Greenwood
Vol 32 (No. 12 To 12)
13131 Storage in confined aquifer: Spectral analysis of groundwater in responses to Earth tides and barometric effect
D. C.-F. Shih
Vol 32 (No. 12 To 12)

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Hydrological Processes
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John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
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