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Paper No. Article Title First Author Vol No./ Issue No.
13166 Preface to the Hydrological processes in urban environments: Updates on urbanization, naturalization and climate change Special Issue
T. A. Endreny
Vol 32 (No. 24 To 24)
13233 Assessment of alternative adsorption models and global sensitivity analysis to characterize hexavalent chromium loss from soil to surface runoff:
C.-A. Xia
Vol 32 (No. 20 To 20)
13238 Testing a spatially distributed tracer-aided runoff model in a snow-inf luenced catchment: Effects of multicriteria calibration on streamwater ages
T. I. Piovano
Vol 32 (No. 20 To 20)
13239 Quantitative comparison of river inflows to a rapidly expanding lake in central Tibetan Plateau
J. Ding
Vol 32 (No. 21 To 21)
13240 Spatio-temporal aspects of snowpack runoff formation during rain on snow
S. Würzer
Vol 32 (No. 23 To 23)
13243 Insights into groundwater salinization from hydrogeochemical and isotopic evidence in an arid inland basin
Y. Liu
Vol 32 (No. 20 To 20)
13245 Breaking bad: Ecosystems in need of a fix
J. S. Price
Vol 32 (No. 21 To 21)
13247 Understanding coastal wetland hydrology with a new regional-scale, process-based hydrological model
Y. Zhang
Vol 32 (No. 20 To 20)
13248 Groundwater flow and storage processes in an inactive rock glacier
J. S. Harrington
Vol 32 (No. 20 To 20)
13249 Predicting new snow density in the Italian Alps: A variability analysis based on 10 years of measurements
M. Valt
Vol 32 (No. 20 To 20)
13250 Stratification response of soil water content during rainfall events under different rainfall patterns
Y. A, G. Wang
Vol 32 (No. 20 To 20)
13253 Physically based maximum precipitation estimation under future climate change conditions
K. Ishida
Vol 32 (No. 20 To 20)
13254 Operation of two major reservoirs of Iran under IPCC scenarios during the XXI century
H. Akbari-Alashti
Vol 32 (No. 21 To 21)
13255 Variation in leaf area density drives the rainfall storage capacity of individual urban tree species
Mariana D. Baptista
Vol 32 (No. 25 To 25)
13256 Controls on stream hydrochemistry dynamics in a high Arctic snow-covered watershed
C. L. Docherty
Vol 32 (No. 22 To 22)

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Hydrological Processes
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John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
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