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Paper No. Article Title First Author Vol No./ Issue No.
11058 HP Volume to honor Keith Beven
N. E. Peters
Vol 31 (No. 22 To 22)
11081 HP special issue: Canadian geophysical union 2016
W. Quinton
Vol 32 (No. 4 To 4)
11166 Preface for the South American Hydrology Virtual Special Issue
D. Boutt
Vol 32 (No. 4 To 4)
11248 Calibration of paired watersheds: Utility of moving sums in presence of externalities
H. Ssegane
Vol 31 (No. 20 To 20)
11253 A role for meta-analysis in hydrology
J. Evaristo
Vol 31 (No. 20 To 20)
11260 Sedimentation of overbank floods in the confined complex channel–floodplain system of the Lower Yellow River, China
M. Zhang
Vol 31 (No. 20 To 20)
11264 Climate moderates potential shifts in streamflow from changes in pinyon-juniper woodland cover across the western U.S.
R. J. Niemeyer
Vol 31 (No. 20 To 20)
11271 Groundwater isoscapes in a montane headwater catchment show dominance of well-mixed storage
B. Scheliga
Vol 31 (No. 20 To 20)
11272 Potential of time-lapse photography for identifying saturation area dynamics on agricultural hillslopes
R. Silasari
Vol 31 (No. 21 To 21)
11273 Comparing Beerkan infiltration tests with rainfall simulation experiments for hydraulic characterization of a sandy-loam soil
S. Di Prima
Vol 31 (No. 20 To 20)
11274 Vegetation impacts soil water content patterns by shaping canopy water fluxes and soil properties
J. C. Metzger
Vol 31 (No. 22 To 22)
11275 Rainfall interception by tree crown and leaf litter: An interactive process
X. Li
Vol 31 (No. 20 To 20)
11276 Development of a soil moisture-based distributed hydrologic model for determining hydrologically based critical source areas
S. Li
Vol 31 (No. 20 To 20)
11277 Increasing water losses from snow captured in the canopy of boreal forests: A case study using a 30 year data set
N. Kozii
Vol 31 (No. 20 To 20)
11278 Evaluation of water-use policies for baseflow recovery during droughts in an agricultural intensive karst watershed: Case study of the lower Apalachicola–Chattahoochee–Flint River Basin, southeastern United States
S. Singh
Vol 31 (No. 21 To 21)

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Hydrological Processes
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John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
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