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Paper No. Article Title First Author Vol No./ Issue No.
11081 HP special issue: Canadian geophysical union 2016
W. Quinton
Vol 32 (No. 4 To 4)
11166 Preface for the South American Hydrology Virtual Special Issue
D. Boutt
Vol 32 (No. 4 To 4)
11353 Hydrologic processes that govern stormwater infrastructure behaviour
C. G. Eger
Vol 31 (No. 25 To 25)
11358 Multicriteria sensitivity analysis as a diagnostic tool for understanding model behaviour and characterizing model uncertainty
A. Haghnegahdar
Vol 31 (No. 25 To 25)
11369 Hydrologic metrics for status-and-trends monitoring in urban and urbanizing watersheds
D. B. Booth
Vol 31 (No. 25 To 25)
11370 Influence of turbidity and aeration on the albedo of mountain streams
A. McMahon
Vol 31 (No. 25 To 25)
11372 Analytical and experimental study on dissolved pollutant wash-off over impervious surfaces
Y. Xiao
Vol 31 (No. 25 To 25)
11375 Estimating daily lake evaporation from biweekly energy-budget data
M. Andreasen
Vol 31 (No. 25 To 25)
11376 Process refinements improve a hydrological model concept applied to the Niger River basin
J. C. M. Andersson
Vol 31 (No. 25 To 25)
11377 Use of double mass curves in hydrologic benefit evaluations
P. Gao
Vol 31 (No. 26 To 26)
11378 Spatial distribution and temporal trends of rainfall and erosivity in the Eastern Africa region
A. A. Fenta
Vol 31 (No. 25 To 25)
11379 Analysis of snowpack dynamics during the spring melt season for a sub-alpine site using point measurements and numerical modeling
M. S. Pleasants
Vol 31 (No. 25 To 25)
11380 Improved understanding of spatio-temporal controls on regional scale groundwater flooding using hydrograph analysis and impulse response functions
M. J. Ascott
Vol 31 (No. 25 To 25)
11381 The importance of choosing precipitation datasets
M. J. Simpson
Vol 31 (No. 25 To 25)
11382 Spatial and temporal patterns of stable water isotopes along the Yangtze River during two drought years
Huawu Wu
Vol 32 (No. 1 To 1)

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Hydrological Processes
Publisher :
John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
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