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Paper No. Article Title First Author Vol No./ Issue No.
3333 Spectroscopic and molecular docking study on the structure– affinity relationship and mechanism in the interaction of genistein and its derivatives with bovine serum albumin
Yu Guo
Vol 32 (No. 8 To 8)
3334 A ratiometric fluorescent chemosensor for the detection of cysteine in aqueous solution at neutral pH
Yuanyuan Li
Vol 32 (No. 8 To 8)
3335 Spectrofluorimetric determination of atenolol from human urine using high-affinity molecularly imprinted solid-phase extraction sorbent
Yagoup Gorbani
Vol 32 (No. 8 To 8)
3336 switch-off fluorescence probe towards Pb(II) and cu(II) ions based on a calix[4]pyrrole bearing amino-quinoline group
Keyur D. Bhat
Vol 32 (No. 8 To 8)
3337 A simply synthesized biphenyl substituted piperidin-4-one for the fluorescence chemosensing of Cd2+
Sumathi Poomalai
Vol 32 (No. 8 To 8)
3338 Ultra-sensitive fluorescent sensor for intracellular miRNA based on enzyme-free signal amplification with carbon nitride nanosheet as a carrier
Xianjiu Liao
Vol 32 (No. 8 To 8)
3339 First derivative emission spectrofluorimetric method for the determination of LCZ696, a newly approved FDA supramolecular complex of valsartan and sacubitril in tablets
Marwa A.A. Ragab
Vol 32 (No. 8 To 8)
3341 A new Schiff base as a turn-off fluorescent sensor for Cu2+ and its photophysical properties
Pritam Torawane
Vol 32 (No. 8 To 8)
3342 Synthesis and in vitro antioxidant activity study of some new piperazinyl flavone compounds
Pawel Berczynski
Vol 32 (No. 8 To 8)
3343 Effect of cooling rate on the microstructure and luminescence properties of Sr2MgSi2O7:Eu2+,Dy3+ materials
Ou Hai
Vol 32 (No. 8 To 8)
3344 A tricorn-rhodamine fluorescent chemosensor for detection of Co2+ ions
Jing Li
Vol 32 (No. 8 To 8)
3345 Spectral investigations on Eu3+,Sm3+-doped and Sm3+/Eu3+ co-doped potassium-fluoro-phosphate glass emitting intense orange-red for lighting applications
Kapuluri Anil Kumar
Vol 32 (No. 8 To 8)
3346 Fluorescent carbon nanoparticles obtained from charcoal via green methods and their application for sensing Fe3+ in an aqueous medium
Rajesh Patidar
Vol 32 (No. 8 To 8)
3347 A colorimetric and fluorescent chemosensor for selective detection of Cu2+ based on a new diarylethene with a benzophenone hydrazone unit
Lili Li
Vol 32 (No. 8 To 8)
3348 Selective spectrofluorimetric method for determination of Lisinopril in pharmaceutical preparations and in presence of hydrochlorothiazide: Application to content uniformity testing
Sayed M. Derayea
Vol 32 (No. 8 To 8)

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Luminescence: The Journal of Biological and Chemical Luminescence
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John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
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