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Paper No. Article Title First Author Vol No./ Issue No.
3499 Insights into the binding interaction between copper ferrite nanoparticles and bovine serum albumin: An effect on protein conformation and activity
Sabera Millan
Vol 33 (No. 6 To 6)
3500 2-(4-Ethoxy phenyl)-4-phenyl quinoline organic phosphor for solution processed blue organic light-emitting diodes
Minakshi Ghate
Vol 33 (No. 6 To 6)
3501 Expression of genes encoding the luciferase from Photobacterium leiognathi in Escherichia coli Rosetta (DE3) and its application in NADH detection
Guanhua Xuan
Vol 33 (No. 6 To 6)
3502 Bimolecular fluorescence quenching reactions of the biologically active coumarin composite 2-acetyl-3H-benzo[f] chromen-3-one in different solvents
V. V. Koppal
Vol 33 (No. 6 To 6)
3503 Benzofurazan-based fluorophore for the selective determination of flupentixol dihydrochloride: Application to content uniformity testing
Islam M. Mostafa
Vol 33 (No. 6 To 6)
3504 A sensitive SERS quantitative analysis method for Ni2+ by the dimethylglyoxime reaction regulating a graphene oxide nanoribbon catalytic gold nanoreaction
Aihui Liang
Vol 33 (No. 6 To 6)
3506 Structures and luminescent sensors of mixed-counterions based salen-type lanthanide coordination polymers
Jin-Long Du
Vol 33 (No. 6 To 6)
3507 A new xanthene-based two-photon fluorescent probe for the imaging of 1,4-dithiothreitol (DTT) in living cells
Chao Wang
Vol 33 (No. 6 To 6)
3508 Disposable luciferase-based microfluidic chip for rapid assay of water pollution
Ivan Denisov
Vol 33 (No. 6 To 6)
3509 Silver-doped graphite carbon nitride nanosheets as fluorescent probe for the detection of curcumin
Haifen Yang
Vol 33 (No. 6 To 6)
3510 Stability-indicating spectrofluorimetric method for the assay of riboflavin and photoproducts: Kinetic applications
Iqbal Ahmad
Vol 33 (No. 6 To 6)
3511 Microwave-assisted sintering synthesis of greenish-yellow emitting Sr2SiO4:Eu2+ phosphors
Woo Cheol Lee
Vol 33 (No. 6 To 6)
3513 Enhanced photoluminescence properties of electrospun Dy3+- doped ZnO nanofibres for white lighting devices
Chaitali Niranjan Pangul
Vol 33 (No. 6 To 6)
3514 Pharmacokinetic evaluation of daclatasvir and ledipasvir in healthy volunteers using a validated highly sensitive spectrofluorimetric method
Ola M. Abdallah
Vol 33 (No. 6 To 6)
3515 Design of a phosphinate-based bioluminescent probe for superoxide radical anion imaging in living cells
Xinda Liu
Vol 33 (No. 6 To 6)

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Luminescence: The Journal of Biological and Chemical Luminescence
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John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
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