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Paper No. Article Title First Author Vol No./ Issue No.
12109 Language, Literacy and Communication in the Early Years. A Critical Foundation
Karen Daniels
Vol 52 (No. 1 To 1)
12110 Guiding Readers - Layers of Meaning: A handbook for teaching reading comprehension to 7 – 11-year-olds
Veronica Hanke
Vol 52 (No. 1 To 1)
12119 Writing and writer identity: the poor relation and the search for voice in ‘personal literacy ’
Paul Gardner
Vol 52 (No. 1 To 1)
12120 Intra-activity of humans and nonhumans in Writers' Studio : (re)imagining and (re)defining ‘ social ’
Candace R. Kuby
Vol 52 (No. 1 To 1)
12121 Cooking the books: what counts as literacy for young children in a public library?
Helen Victoria Smith
Vol 52 (No. 1 To 1)
12122 Boys as writers: perspectives on the learning and teaching of writing in three primary schools
Gillian Edwards
Vol 52 (No. 1 To 1)
12123 When will the Internet be connected? Digital worlds and belonging in the lives of globally mobile children
Jeanette Hannaford
Vol 52 (No. 1 To 1)
12124 Policy and evidence: a critical analysis of the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check in England
Hans U. Grundin
Vol 52 (No. 1 To 1)
12139 Editorial
Jill McClay
Vol 52 (No. 1 To 1)

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