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Paper No. Article Title First Author Vol No./ Issue No.
13159 Extent of alcohol prohibition in civil policy in Muslim majority countries: the impact of globalization
Basma Al-Ansari
Vol 111 (No. 10 To 10)
13210 Questioning the validity of the 4+/5+ binge or heavy drinking criterion in college and clinical populations
Matthew R. Pearson
Vol 111 (No. 10 To 10)
13271 Commentaries on Al-Ansari et al. (2016) What should national alcohol control policies in Muslim majority countries focus on?
Raed Bahelah
Vol 111 (No. 10 To 10)
13278 Commentaries on Pearson et al. (2016) Better options than self-report of consumption
Sven Andreasson
Vol 111 (No. 10 To 10)
13279 Settling the score: moving beyond the 5/4 criterion debate
Samantha Wells
Vol 111 (No. 10 To 10)
13283 One size should not fit all, so use the right tool for the job
Kate B. Carey
Vol 111 (No. 10 To 10)
13284 Influence of Islam and the globalized alcohol industry on drinking in Muslim countries
Sawitri Assanangkornchai
Vol 111 (No. 10 To 10)
13286 Ambivalence: Prerequisite for success in motivational interviewing with adolescents?
Sarah W. Feldstein Ewing
Vol 111 (No. 11 To 11)
13289 Considering marijuana legalization carefully: insights for other jurisdictions from analysis for Vermont
Jonathan P. Caulkins
Vol 111 (No. 12 To 12)
13294 Questions about the validity of the binge or heavy drinking criterion have implications for more than just treatment evaluation
Alys Havard
Vol 111 (No. 10 To 10)
13297 Should compulsive sexual behavior be considered an addiction?
Shane W. Kraus
Vol 111 (No. 12 To 12)
13305 Human cognition tips the balance away from thresholds
Simon C. Moore
Vol 111 (No. 10 To 10)
13315 Commentaries on Kraus et al. (2016) Compulsive sexual behaviour as a behavioural addiction: the impact of the internet and other issues
Mark D. Griffiths
Vol 111 (No. 12 To 12)
13333 The role of religion in alcohol consumption and demand reduction in Muslim majority countries (MMC)
David Kalema
Vol 111 (No. 10 To 10)
13337 Should we measure ambivalence to change?
Jean-Bernard Daeppen
Vol 111 (No. 11 To 11)

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