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Paper No. Article Title First Author Vol No./ Issue No.
13289 Considering marijuana legalization carefully: insights for other jurisdictions from analysis for Vermont
Jonathan P. Caulkins
Vol 111 (No. 12 To 12)
13297 Should compulsive sexual behavior be considered an addiction?
Shane W. Kraus
Vol 111 (No. 12 To 12)
13315 Commentaries on Kraus et al. (2016) Compulsive sexual behaviour as a behavioural addiction: the impact of the internet and other issues
Mark D. Griffiths
Vol 111 (No. 12 To 12)
13335 Which cost of alcohol? What should we compare it against?
Aveek Bhattacharya
Vol 112 (No. 4 To 4)
13355 Technological change and sexual disorder
Helen Keane
Vol 111 (No. 12 To 12)
13366 Diagnosis of hypersexual or compulsive sexual behavior can be made using ICD-10 and DSM-5 despite rejection of this diagnosis by the American Psychiatric Association
Richard B. Krueger
Vol 111 (No. 12 To 12)
13368 Commentaries on Caulkins & Kilmer (2016) Expected lessons from the US experience with alternative cannabis policy regimes
Anne Line Bretteville-Jensen
Vol 111 (No. 12 To 12)
13370 Additional challenges and issues in classifying compulsive sexual behavior as an addiction
Rory C. Reid
Vol 111 (No. 12 To 12)
13383 The commercial focus of US cannabis regulation models should not close our eyes to other options
Steve Rolles
Vol 111 (No. 12 To 12)
13390 Legal regulated markets have the potential to reduce population levels of harm associated with cannabis use
Michael T. Lynskey
Vol 111 (No. 12 To 12)
13394 A framework for evaluating the public health impact of e-cigarettes and other vaporized nicotine products
David T. Levy
Vol 112 (No. 1 To 1)
13404 Commentaries on Levy et al. (2017) The potential impact of vaporized nicotine products on vulnerable subpopulations
Coral Gartner
Vol 112 (No. 1 To 1)
13410 Industry self-regulation of alcohol marketing: a systematic review of content and exposure research
Jonathan K. Noel
Vol 112 (No. -1 To -1)
13431 France's É vin Law on the control of alcohol advertising: content, effectiveness and limitations
Karine Gallopel-Morvan
Vol 112 (No. -1 To -1)
13432 Does industry self-regulation protect young people from exposure to alcohol marketing? A review of compliance and complaint studies
Jonathan K. Noel
Vol 112 (No. -1 To -1)

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