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Paper No. Article Title First Author Vol No./ Issue No.
13623 Understanding and learning from the diversification of cannabis supply laws
Beau Kilmer
Vol 112 (No. 7 To 7)
13644 Psychosocial interventions in opiate substitution treatment services: does the evidence provide a case for optimism or nihilism?
Ed Day
Vol 112 (No. 8 To 8)
13707 Pharmacotherapies as standalone treatments for addictions: why lessening won't work
Patrick M. Flynn
Vol 112 (No. 8 To 8)
13708 Patient-centred care and patient engagement to inform the use of psychosocial interventions with opioid substitution treatment: another path for Day & Mitcheson to follow
Carol J. Strike
Vol 112 (No. 8 To 8)
13725 Widening the perspective on opioid substitution treatment
Jani Selin
Vol 112 (No. 8 To 8)
13737 Are UK opioid substitution treatment agencies fit for purpose?
Duncan Raistrick
Vol 112 (No. 8 To 8)
13740 European observations on cannabis legalization
Brendan Hughes
Vol 112 (No. 7 To 7)
13741 Do more robust prescription drug monitoring programs reduce prescription opioid overdose?
Bryce Pardo
Vol 112 (No. 10 To 10)
13746 Digital phenotyping and the development and delivery of health guidelines and behaviour change interventions
Andrew L. Skinner
Vol 112 (No. 7 To 7)
13756 On sentinel samples, sales data and potency
Simon Lenton
Vol 112 (No. 7 To 7)
13763 How can we conceptualize behavioural addiction without pathologizing common behaviours?
Daniel Kardefelt-Winther
Vol 112 (No. 10 To 10)
13764 Treatment and primary prevention in people who inject drugs for chronic hepatitis C infection: is elimination possible in a highprevalence Setting?
Ilias Gountas
Vol 112 (No. 7 To 7)
13769 Data on cannabis use now that legalization is gaining momentum
Jan C. van Ours
Vol 112 (No. 7 To 7)
13773 A randomized controlled trial of brief interventions to reduce drug use among adults in a low-income urban emergency department: the Healthi ER You study
Frederic C. Blow
Vol 112 (No. 8 To 8)
13774 Substance use disorders and the risk of suicide mortality among men and women in the US Veterans Health Administration
Kipling M. Bohnert
Vol 112 (No. 7 To 7)

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