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Paper No. Article Title First Author Vol No./ Issue No.
13335 Which cost of alcohol? What should we compare it against?
Aveek Bhattacharya
Vol 112 (No. 4 To 4)
13437 ‘PrEP is not ready for our community, and our community is not ready for PrEP’: pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV for people who inject drugs and limits to the HIV prevention response
Andy Guise
Vol 112 (No. 4 To 4)
13451 Selection biases in observational studies affect associations between ‘ moderate ’ alcohol consumption and mortality
Timothy S. Naimi
Vol 112 (No. 2 To 2)
13459 Cost of alcohol: better data will be justified if it is put to better use
Anne Ludbrook
Vol 112 (No. 4 To 4)
13474 The neurobiology of addiction: the perspective from magnetic resonance imaging present and future
John Suckling
Vol 112 (No. 2 To 2)
13477 Alcohol consumption as a cause of cancer
Jennie Connor
Vol 112 (No. 2 To 2)
13502 Making the hard work of recovery more attractive for those with substance use disorders
James R. McKay
Vol 112 (No. 5 To 5)
13503 The case for investigating social context in laboratory studies of smoking
John D. Dimoff
Vol 112 (No. 3 To 3)
13512 Yes, people can die from opiate withdrawal
Shane Darke
Vol 112 (No. 2 To 2)
13521 Hepatitis C virus prevention and treatment prioritization—ethical, economic and evidential dimensions of early rather than delayed treatment for people who inject drugs
Matthew Hickman
Vol 112 (No. 2 To 2)
13527 Pre-exposure prophylaxis for people who inject drugs and their sex partners
Chris Beyrer
Vol 112 (No. 4 To 4)
13531 Re-purposing anticoagulation clinics: expanding access to opioid agonist therapy in primary care settings
Pooja Lagisetty
Vol 112 (No. 3 To 3)
13539 Food and Drug Administration approval of sustained-release buprenorphine for treatment of opioid dependence: realizing its potential
Stacey C. Sigmon
Vol 112 (No. 3 To 3)
13549 On bias in alcohol epidemiology and the search for the perfect study
Michael Roerecke
Vol 112 (No. 2 To 2)
13550 Beneficial effects of moderate alcohol use—a case for Occam's razor?
Gerhard Gmel
Vol 112 (No. 2 To 2)

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