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Paper No. Article Title First Author Vol No./ Issue No.
13741 Do more robust prescription drug monitoring programs reduce prescription opioid overdose?
Bryce Pardo
Vol 112 (No. 10 To 10)
13763 How can we conceptualize behavioural addiction without pathologizing common behaviours?
Daniel Kardefelt-Winther
Vol 112 (No. 10 To 10)
13816 The coping function of mental disorder symptoms: is it to be considered when developing diagnostic criteria for behavioural addictions?
Barna Konkol ÿ Thege
Vol 112 (No. 10 To 10)
13818 Precision medicine and pharmacogenetics: what does oncology have that addiction medicine does not?
Henry R. Kranzler
Vol 112 (No. 12 To 12)
13825 Substance and behavioral addictions may share a similar underlying process of dysregulation
Steve Sussman
Vol 112 (No. 10 To 10)
13828 Behavioural addiction and substance addiction should be defined by their similarities not their dissimilarities
Mark D. Griffiths
Vol 112 (No. 10 To 10)
13831 Criteria for conceptualizing behavioural addiction should be informed by the underlying behavioural mechanism
Richard J. Tunney
Vol 112 (No. 10 To 10)
13846 Conceptualizing behavioural addiction in children and adolescents
Anja Kräplin
Vol 112 (No. 10 To 10)
13854 Perceived harms and benefits of tobacco, marijuana, and electronic vaporizers among young adults in Colorado: implications for health education and research
Lucy Popova
Vol 112 (No. 10 To 10)
13860 Impact of prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs) on opioid utilization among Medicare beneficiaries in 10 US States
Patience Moyo
Vol 112 (No. 10 To 10)
13861 Varenicline versus nicotine patch with brief advice for smokers with substance use disorders with or without depression: effects on smoking, substance use and depressive symptoms
Damaris J. Rohsenow
Vol 112 (No. 10 To 10)
13868 PPAR-gamma agonist pioglitazone modifies craving intensity and brain white matter integrity in patients with primary cocaine use disorder: a double-blind randomized controlled pilot trial
Joy M. Schmitz
Vol 112 (No. 10 To 10)
13870 Who achieves low risk drinking during alcohol treatment? An analysis of patients in three alcohol clinical trials
Katie Witkiewitz
Vol 112 (No. 12 To 12)
13873 Adolescents’ exposure to paid alcohol advertising on television and their alcohol use: exploring associations during a 13-year period
Victoria White
Vol 112 (No. 10 To 10)
13875 Alcohol consumption and risk of unemployment, sickness absence and disability pension in Denmark: a prospective cohort study
Maja Bæksgaard Jørgensen
Vol 112 (No. 10 To 10)

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