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Paper No. Article Title First Author Vol No./ Issue No.
13502 Making the hard work of recovery more attractive for those with substance use disorders
James R. McKay
Vol 112 (No. 5 To 5)
13552 Rethinking recovery
Kari Lancaster
Vol 112 (No. 5 To 5)
13588 Developing strengths-based recovery systems through community connections
David Best
Vol 112 (No. 5 To 5)
13590 Is Alcoholics Anonymous religious, spiritual, neither? Findings from 25 years of mechanisms of behavior change research
John F. Kelly
Vol 112 (No. 6 To 6)
13609 Mind the gap—a European viewpoint on Alcoholics Anonymous
John-Kåre Vederhus
Vol 112 (No. 6 To 6)
13623 Understanding and learning from the diversification of cannabis supply laws
Beau Kilmer
Vol 112 (No. 7 To 7)
13631 Why the mechanisms of 12-Step behaviour change should matter to clinicians
David Best
Vol 112 (No. 6 To 6)
13635 Desistance mandates compared with treatment mandates in criminal justice populations
Mark A. R. Kleiman
Vol 112 (No. 5 To 5)
13644 Psychosocial interventions in opiate substitution treatment services: does the evidence provide a case for optimism or nihilism?
Ed Day
Vol 112 (No. 8 To 8)
13663 Methamphetamine-related psychosis: an opportunity for assertive intervention and prevention
Julia M. Lappin
Vol 112 (No. 6 To 6)
13667 More carrots, less sticks: the role of incentives in drug treatment
Emma Wincup
Vol 112 (No. 5 To 5)
13696 Tens of millions successfully in long-term recovery—let us find out how they did it
John F. Kelly
Vol 112 (No. 5 To 5)
13700 Factors associated with short-term transitions of non-daily smokers: socio-demographic characteristics and other tobacco product use
Yingning Wang
Vol 112 (No. 5 To 5)
13701 Receipt of addiction treatment as a consequence of a brief intervention for drug use in primary care: a randomized trial
Theresa W. Kim
Vol 112 (No. 5 To 5)
13702 Identifying in-patient costs attributable to the clinical sequelae and comorbidities of alcoholic liver disease in a national hospital database
Kevin C. Heslin
Vol 112 (No. 5 To 5)

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