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Paper No. Article Title First Author Vol No./ Issue No.
1126 Journal Information
Vol 31 (No. 3 To 3)
1128 Journal Information
Vol 31 (No. 4 To 4)
1151 Sustainable open access for scholarly journals in 6 years – the incubator model at Utrecht University Library Open Access Journals
Jeroen Sondervan
Vol 31 (No. 3 To 3)
1152 The future of global research: A case study on the use of scenario planning in the publishing industry
Samira Rhoods
Vol 31 (No. 3 To 3)
1155 What influences the regional diversity of reviewers: A study of medical and agricultural/biological sciences journals
Thomas Gaston
Vol 31 (No. 3 To 3)
1156 The effect of publishing a highly cited paper on a journal's impact factor: A case study of the Review of Particle Physics
Junwen Zhu
Vol 31 (No. 3 To 3)
1157 The changing copyright landscape in academic publishing
Francis Dodds
Vol 31 (No. 3 To 3)
1159 Keeping it authentic: Reconciling ORCID iDs gathered at submission with the author manuscript
Robin Dunford
Vol 31 (No. 3 To 3)
1160 Journal coverage of the Emerging Sources Citation Index
Marta Somoza-Fernández
Vol 31 (No. 3 To 3)
1161 Revise the ICMJE Recommendations regarding authorship responsibility!
Gert Helgesson
Vol 31 (No. 3 To 3)
1162 Growth and quality of Chinese journals from 1949 to 2013
Ruifeng Hu
Vol 31 (No. 3 To 3)
1164 Cabells’ Journal Whitelist and Blacklist: Intelligent data for informed journal evaluations
Michael Bisaccio
Vol 31 (No. 3 To 3)
1165 What publishers can take away from the latest early career researcher research
David Nicholas
Vol 31 (No. 3 To 3)
1166 Should authors suggest reviewers? A comparative study of the performance of author-suggested and editor-selected reviewers at a biological journal
Yan Liang
Vol 31 (No. 3 To 3)
1167 Where Arab social science and humanities scholars choose to publish: Falling in the predatory journals trap
Ahmed Maher Khafaga Shehata
Vol 31 (No. 3 To 3)

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Learned Publishing
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