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Paper No. Article Title First Author Vol No./ Issue No.
1109 The future of academic publishing: Revolution or evolution?
Francis Dodds
Vol 31 (No. 2 To 2)
1110 Mapping the scientific research on open data: A bibliometric review
Yun Zhang
Vol 31 (No. 2 To 2)
1114 Open access publications in sciences and social sciences: A comparative analysis
Yanchao Li
Vol 31 (No. 2 To 2)
1115 Some observations on the current state of book reviewing in the social sciences
James Hartley
Vol 31 (No. 2 To 2)
1122 Journal Information
Vol 31 (No. 1 To 1)
1126 Journal Information
Vol 31 (No. 3 To 3)
1129 An evaluation of information behaviour studies through the Scholarly Capital Model
Faramarz Soheili
Vol 31 (No. 2 To 2)
1131 Putting an end to download-and-go: The website's role in a content marketing ecosystem
Jacob Wilcock
Vol 31 (No. 2 To 2)
1133 CAL Download – an innovative approach to making books more accessible
Jo Burges
Vol 31 (No. 1 To 1)
1134 Accessibility at JSTOR: From box-checking to a more inclusive and sustainable future
Lauren Trimble
Vol 31 (No. 1 To 1)
1135 Time to stop talking about ‘predatory journals’
Stefan Eriksson
Vol 31 (No. 2 To 2)
1136 Contributing factors to long-term citation count in marine and freshwater biology articles
Joshua R. Nash
Vol 31 (No. 2 To 2)
1137 Digital object identifier and its use in core Chinese academic journals: A Chinese perspective
Weilang Wang
Vol 31 (No. 2 To 2)
1138 The secrets of failing better: Accessible publishing at SAGE. A case study
Huw Alexander
Vol 31 (No. 1 To 1)
1139 Combining human input with machine learning: A case study
Michael Upshall
Vol 31 (No. 2 To 2)

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