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Paper No. Article Title First Author Vol No./ Issue No.
12268 (R)-Salsolinol, a product of ethanol metabolism, stereospecifically induces behavioral sensitization and leads to excessive alcohol intake
María Elena Quintanilla
Vol 21 (No. 6 To 6)
12270 Hedonic sensitivity to natural rewards is affected by prenatal stress in a sex-dependent manner
Marie-Line Reynaert
Vol 21 (No. 6 To 6)
12273 Acquisition of morphine conditioned place preference increases the dendritic complexity of nucleus accumbens core neurons
Kendra L. Kobrin
Vol 21 (No. 6 To 6)
12274 Acute effects of cocaine and cannabis on response inhibition in humans: an ERP investigation
Desirée B. Spronk
Vol 21 (No. 6 To 6)
12279 Kv7 channels in the nucleus accumbens are altered by chronic drinking and are targets for reducing alcohol consumption
Natalie S. McGuier
Vol 21 (No. 6 To 6)
12281 Morphine-induced locomotor sensitization produces structural plasticity in the mesocorticolimbic system dependent on CB1-R activity
Thomas Guegan
Vol 21 (No. 6 To 6)
12283 Contribution of serotonin and dopamine to changes in core body temperature and locomotor activity in rats following repeated administration of mephedrone
Sinead E. Shortall
Vol 21 (No. 6 To 6)
12286 Americans with regulatory links to drug abuse pathways in human prefrontal cortex
Eric O. Johnson
Vol 21 (No. 6 To 6)
12287 Effects of repeated yohimbine administration on reinstatement of palatable food seeking: involvement of dopamine D1-like receptors and food-associated cues
Kevin T. Ball
Vol 21 (No. 6 To 6)
12289 Effects of chronic alcohol consumption on neuronal function in the non-human primate BNST
Kristen E. Pleil
Vol 21 (No. 6 To 6)
12290 Transient CNS responses to repeated binge ethanol treatment
Natalie M. Zahr
Vol 21 (No. 6 To 6)
12303 Epigenetic regulation of nociceptin/orphanin FQ and corticotropin-releasing factor system genes in frustration stress-induced binge-like palatable food consumption
Mariangela Pucci
Vol 21 (No. 6 To 6)
12317 Genome-wide association study of body mass index in subjects with alcohol dependence
Renato Polimanti
Vol 22 (No. 2 To 2)
12318 Brain substrates of social decision-making in dual diagnosis: cocaine dependence and personality disorders
Antonio Verdejo-Garcia
Vol 22 (No. 2 To 2)
12319 Chronic intermittent alcohol disrupts the GluN2B-associated proteome and specifically regulates group I mGlu receptor-dependent long-term depression
Tiffany A. Wills
Vol 22 (No. 2 To 2)

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Addiction Biology
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John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
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